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About the Founder

Cherry L. Gooch is the President and CEO of 4 All of Us Transitional Improvements, Inc. in Clovis, NM. Cherry is optimistic, resilient, mindful as well as an entrepreneur, who has guided the organization's innovative efforts to provide supportive services focused on turning negative situations into a positive one. 

Cherry sat in her living room on her computer after a life altering experience and put her critical thinking hat on and focused on her passion to one day open up her Transitional House to assist all displaced individual that wanted to save themselves and commit to making a difference.  In so doing the facility aims to identify, fund and conduct critical programs to help the homeless for educational and career opportunities. It also aims to promote healthy lifestyles and emotional stability.

Cherry believes the community involvement is paramount and makes a major difference in the raising of young adults and children. Through the help of other nonprofit organizations, and community resources our residents will be able to blossom into strong, socially responsible  adults.